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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Device

How to Download YouTube Videos on Smart Devices
We all know that YouTube is the best video-sharing website. More than 100 hours of Video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. owns a Global Rank # 3.
Since there has been a huge development in Smartphones, YouTube has launched app for Smartphones and other smart devices like Tablets, ipads, ipods etc Operating on different Operating Systems like Android, IOS, Blackberry etc. YouTube app is very handy and easy to use, and gets updates every now and then. Mobile make almost 40% of YouTube's global watch time.
There’s so much great content on YouTube it’s easy to find videos you want to watch again and again. When you come across any crazy video, you might want to download it so you don’t have to rely on the internet to watch it next time. Here’s how to download a video from YouTube on Android with the help of an app called Videoder.
Videoder- video downloader
Step 1: Open Play Store and download Videoder app. ( if it is not available on Playstore, you can download the apk file from here)
Install Videoder app

Step 2: Launch the app and click on search button. You don't have to give exact title of video, just the key words would do.

Step 3: You will be presented with a list of videos matching the search terms, just tap the video you want to download

Step 4: Now select the quality and format of the video to be downloaded.

Step 5: Videoder app will download the video with your chosen settings.

Step 6: Once the download is complete, your video will appear under "downloads" tab of Videoder app. From here you can play, share or delete the video.

Note: Videoder will automatically save your video to an emulated folder on SD card, you don't have an option to choose your download path. But you can open the folder from an any file manager and move your files to the location of your choice and play videos right from there if you don't to play videos from Videoder app.

For How to Download YotuTube Videos on Computer refer my post "How to Download YouTube Videos for Free without any Software".

I use the above two ways to download videos on my computer and android device, hope this post will help you. I see people struggling to download YouTube videos on computer and smart devices, i hope this post will help you all. :)


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